Our portfolio as of June 1, 2015.


Symbol Description Quantity Last Price Current Value Total Gain/Loss Percent Cost Basis Per Share Cost Basis Total
AAPL APPLE INC 14.058 $130.28 $1,831.47 -1.05% $131.66 $1,850.91
CHK CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORPORATION OKLAHOMA 95 $14.11 $1,340.45 -5.26% $14.89 $1,414.90
COP CONOCOPHILLIPS 15.171 $63.68 $966.08
GE GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 86 $27.27 $2,345.22 -0.38% $27.37 $2,354.13
HCP HCP INC COM 100 38.72 $3,872.00 -1.47% $39.30 $3,929.94
JNJ JOHNSON & JOHNSON 107 $100.14 $10,714.98 -0.03% $100.17 $10,718.58
LADR LADDER CAP CORP CL A 189 17.77 $3,358.53 -1.51% $18.04 $3,409.95
MMP MAGELLAN MIDSTREAM PARTNERS LP 50 79.72 $3,986.00 -1.72% $81.12 $4,055.95
NOV NATIONAL OILWELL VARCO INC 20 $49.19 $983.80 -5.29% $51.94 $1,038.75
O REALTY INCOME CORP (MARYLAND) 20 45.57 $911.40 -3.41% $47.18 $943.55
OHI OMEGA HEALTHCARE INVS INC 99 36.03 $3,566.97 0.28% $35.93 $3,557.09
PM PHILIP MORRIS INTL INC COM 12 $83.07 $996.84 -0.08% $83.13 $997.59
WFC WELLS FARGO & CO NEW 52.347 $55.96 $2,929.33

6 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Dvdndz,
    I just found your website and it looks great. It appears that you are just starting out much like myself. Your portfolio already looks solid with many great companies. I will be following you on your journey! Thanks for sharing and keep in touch.


    • Thanks for popping by. We hope to keep building our portfolio and getting closer and closer to our goal off traveling the world on our quarterly dividends. Really enjoy reading your blog and we both wish you many happy returns on your investments.


  2. Pretty good looking portfolio with a few names in common with mine. You seem to have your core around JNJ which is a nice solid long term dividend payer to build a portfolio around. Also, it’s nice to see a new portfolio that isn’t solely invested in crazy high yield stocks that are not safe. Look forward to following you on your dividend growth journey.


    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouragement. We are trying our best to build our portfolio around safe dividend paying stocks for the longterm. We’re in this for the long haul so the safer the better. You’re right about JNJ, we wanted to go as safe and solid as possible when we started and felt we couldn’t find anything safer than them. Thanks again for the comment. Will stop over by your blog and most likely learn a thing or two as well.


  3. Great looking portfolio, DE. A couple of the names are unfamiliar to me so I’ll have to check em out.



  4. Thanks for your comment, R2R. We are looking forward to growing this baby over time. We think we have some good companies now and would love to add to some of our holdings so we would be happy to see prices drop so we can get more for less!


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